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Access Control


Audio entry systems
Audio entry systems or intercoms as they were previously known are a very simple yet effective way of controlling the access to your building.

The system will normally consist of an intercom on the outside of the building that visitors can use to alert staff of their presence, the staff can then use their handset within the building to verify the identity of the visitor and allow access.

The intercoms can also be fitted with pin code keypads to give greater security and ease of access for staff

Video entry systems
Commercial video entry systems are fast becoming the norm for visitor identification, sometimes replacing CCTV and intercoms with compact, integrated two-way audio-video units as they can be used to ensure that all visitors to the building are fully identified before entry is allowed to the building, this provides a high level of protection and control for your building.

The system is similar to the audio entry system but with the added advantage of a built in camera that the staff can use to fully verify the identity of the visitor.

Access control systems
Access control systems can range from a single standalone unit to a multi door PC based system, users can be supplied with a token/fob/card which can be programmed to only allow access during certain times or only to certain doors. The system can also have a log to enable a history database of users movements in, out and around building.

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